Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

Building Your Own Antennas

Jr. Half Size Ham Radio Antenna on Instructables.

The G5RV is a commonly used dipole antenna because it is easy to set up and use. a G5Rv is usually just over a hundred feet long, but this one is half that and can be deployed almost anywhere. The G5RV is often called a compromise antenna and hams often joke that it tunes up poorly an all frequencies, but it tunes up, where most dipole are cut for specific frequency bands and only that band. I have a full length one of these in the tree tops beside my house and talk pretty much all over the U.S. with it. Friends and neighbors don’t even realize it’s there.

Stealth Gutter Antenna for Ham Radio or Shortwave

I moved to an apartment in Florida for a while, and obviously couldn’t put an antenna on the roof, but the rain gutter ran right down the edge of my balcony. A little bit of wire, a self tapping screw, and I had the longest antenna in town.  If it’s metal and has some surface area to it then it can be an antenna. This antenna isn’t quite the same thing though – in fact it looks like it might be better.

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